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Invisible Press create publications to encourage a healthier discussion around invisible illness.

Written and illustrated by people with first hand experience of various invisible illnesses, the aim is to give an insight into the hidden affects these illnesses have on our physical, mental and social health; we want to make the invisible visible.

Invisible illness refers to "symptoms such as debilitating pain, fatigue, dizziness, cognitive dysfunctions, brain injuries, learning differences and mental health disorders, as well as hearing and vision impairments. These are not always obvious to the onlooker, but can sometimes or always limit daily activities, range from mild challenges to severe limitations, and vary from person to person." (Invisible Disabilities Association, 2017).

The publications currently consist of illustrated entries to the Invisible Letters project, where contributors were asked to write a letter to whomever they chose regarding their experiences of invisible illness. These have been made into artists' books, which are used for workshops and discussions, providing a space to develop understanding of invisible illness.

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